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As part of our Stakeholder Engagement Plan are actions that require implementation. The purpose of these engagements is to develop and manage an infrastructure that ensures continuous consultation and participation through the whole project cycle.

As part of the SEP we hold several meetings to give updates on drilling progress, Environmental Management, grievances Management and community programs among others.


Akiira will continuously conduct stakeholder engagements and document the results and act on information gained through the exchange. There are various stakeholder engagement activities required through the various phases of the project.

Akiira recognizes that it will not be practical and necessary to engage with all the groups that claim to be stakeholders with the same level of intensity all of the time. To avoid conflicts and misrepresentation the developers in the GOCA sought assistance from the provincial administration to ensure that communities in the area elected their community leaders to aid in information.


The directly affected individuals and communities will be given priority in terms of;

  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Negotiation and Partnerships
  • Mitigation and management of social economic and environment impacts. Including stakeholder involvement in project monitoring as highlighted in the Environment Management Plan for the Exploration stage.
  • Reporting to stakeholders
  • Disclosure of information relevant to the project
  • Economic opportunities based on cost effectiveness of the opportunities
  • Grievance management
  • Ratio of sharing viable opportunities with the communities with a clear constituted management structure and functions.