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Home Partnership

Partnership is important to AGL to ensure we have access the resources and expertise required to fulfill our goals. We value our various collaboration with the community, investors, national and county governments, civil society, African Union Commission, academic institutions, business communities, Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), geothermal developers, among others.


We are proud of a Public Private Development Partnership (PPDP) which started out with the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi to build inclusive growth around the geothermal region.


Discussions revolved around ways to approach the development challenges of poverty, exclusion, lack of employable skills, gender inequality and lack of basic public services. The partnership brought on board other private sector players, social partners, National Government, Nakuru County, Narok County and Geothermal developers.

The PPDP seeks to alleviate poverty by acting as a catalyst to address issues related to decent job creation through formal skills development, business development and community engagement. These multifaceted challenges will be addressed with a three-pronged approach with mutually reinforcing components:


  • Formal skills development with workplace learning, (industry attachment)
  • Informal skills upgrading combined with micro and small enterprise development,
  • Access to public services through advocacy.


Throughout the implementation of these three strategy pillars, attention will be given to these cross-cutting concerns:

  • Environmental preservation and creation of green jobs,
  • Gender equality through a cultural sensitive approach
  • HIV/AIDS awareness,
  • Life skills and job readiness.

Engagement with Community

Community is very important to the success of our project. We focus on developing and maintaining relationships with the affected community, stakeholders, local leadership and other interested parties.  Our goal is to encourage active participation in decision making and ensure inclusive growth.