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Grievance Management

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IFC standards require grievance mechanism to provide a structured way of receiving and resolving grievances. Further, a grievance is defined as a concern or complaint raised by an individual or a group within communities affected by company operations.


Complaints area addressed promptly using an understandable and transparent process that is culturally appropriate and readily acceptable to all segments of affected communities, and is at no cost and retribution. The mechanism should be appropriate to the scale of impacts and risks presented by project and beneficial for both the company and stakeholder.


The company has a grievance form which advises those with a grievance how they can lodge a grievance relating to the project activities. The grievance forms will be available at the company’s site office and the grievance procedure will be communicated to the community during stakeholder meetings.

Based on the principles described above, the grievance mechanism process will involve four stages:

Receiving and recording
the grievance
Site inspection and investigation
Monitoring and evaluation