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Welcome to Akiira Geothermal

The Akiira Geothermal Area is under the Marine Power Generation (MPG) concession area and plans to develop 140MWe in two phases of 70 MWe each. The electrical power output will be sold to Kenya Power Ltd under a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) through a power grid to be connected to the Suswa substation.


Development of the MPG geothermal field is expected to contribute immensely to bridging the gap in Kenya’s rapidly increasing demand for power and transform the country into a competitive clean energy economy. The proponent shall contribute to reduction of the frequency of the power outages that are crippling the economy at present. As part of the overall strategy, the proposed MPG geothermal project, being a green energy project, will also contribute to earnings from carbon credits as it goes heavy on clean power generation.

What we Stand For

Sustainable Energy

Sustainably unlocking the vast geothermal potential within Kenya’s Rift Valley.

Dedicated to Energy

Geothermal Energy is the way to meet Kenya’s energy demand.

We Do Things Differently

Blazing the trail in geothermal development by building diverse and talented teams to execute and deliver.

About Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is renewable and sustainable, with minimal carbon footprint. AGL uses the right technology to maximize production and preserve the resource. Our goals is to ensure holistic development of geothermal resources


Partnership is important to AGL to ensure we have access the resources and expertise required to fulfil our goals. We value our various collaboration with the national and county governments, civil society, African Union Commission

Engagement with Community

Community is very important to the success of our project. We focus on developing and maintaining relationships with the affected community, stakeholders, local leadership and other interested parties.


When completed, Akiira One will be the first private sector greenfield geothermal development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project will be developing 140 MWe in two phases of 70 MWe each.


The analysis conducted by an independent consultant, Geothermex shows a Monte Carlo output model with a probability of 90% at 205 MWe. The 140 MWe potential is therefore, reasonable.A geothermal power project can be divided into a series of development phases before the actual operation and maintenance phase commences, they include:


  • Preliminary and Detailed Surface Studies
  • Exploration/Well-Testing
  • Project Review and Planning



  • Field development and Production Drilling
  • Construction
  • Start-up and Commissioning


A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), AGL has been incorporated as the project development company to execute the project. Marine Power Generation (MPG) are the holders of the geothermal exploration license and have shares in AGL. Ram Energy is the company with extensive technical expertise in geothermal development and also have a stake in AGL.


The two main financial investors are Mvuke Power Limited (wholly owned by Centum Investments Company Ltd – CICL) and Frontier Akiira Holding Company Ltd. (owned by Frontier Investments).



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